Job Location
Pokhara / Kathmandu
Remote work from: Nepal
Employment Type
Full-time, Remote OK

3+ years preferred

Working Hours
8 Hours / 5 Days
Base Salary
Rs.80000 Per month
Job Benefits
  • Generous Leave Policy
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Sponsored Learning
  • No-compromise Workstation
Date posted
April 11, 2022
Valid through
July 1, 2022
Backend Developer

An ideal candidate for this position has a good understanding and at least a few years of experience in all of the following technologies.

TopicPreferred Technology
Technologiesnode.js, web sockets, REST APIs
Language / FrameworkTypeScript / NestJS
DatabaseMySQL (TypeORM) and Redis
Environment / ToolsDocker, Swagger
Prior ReadingOWASP Top 10, The Twelve-Factor App

As a back-end developer, you will mostly work on one or more of the following types of work depending on your experience.

  1. Build REST APIs for mobile apps and games.
    • User authentication and authorization
    • User-generated content management
    • File and media uploading and processing
    • Processing emails and notifications
  2. Consume third-party REST APIs
    • Verification of in-app purchases, ad views, etc. with the upstream service
    • Implement and customize client libraries provided by the service provider
    • Develop systems that ensure the third party SDKs and credentials are up to date
  3. Build background services
    • Process incoming webhooks, emails and notifications
    • Maintain and process outgoing emails and notifications
  4. Build real-time systems

    • Make use of web sockets to deliver real-time notifications
    • Process incoming web socket events
    • Process real-time notifications received from third-party service providers like payment providers, user account providers, etc.


The most important requirement for the role is a broad understanding of the web technology that comes with experience. Here are a few points that highlight the skills we expect from our applicants.

  • Experience in building public-facing REST APIs
  • Experience in working with third-party services like Google Client SDKs
  • Excellent knowledge of one Node.js framework like Express, Fastify or NestJS
  • Experience of at least one ORM like TypeORM,
  • Experience in working with web sockets
  • Good understanding of web technologies
Preferred Qualities
  • Studied software engineering or a similar course
  • Has great communication and social skills
  • Has experience in remote work
  • Good knowledge of version control system
  • Good knowledge of Unix tools & build tools
  • Has some knowledge of software localization

As an employer, we provide equal opportunities, irrespective of our people’s background and abilities. Not everyone has the same backstory to tell, so we embrace what you have to offer.

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Position: Backend Developer

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