Job Location
Kathmandu / Pokhara
Remote work from: Nepal
Employment Type
Full-time, Remote OK

2+ years preferred

Working Hours
8 Hours / 5 Days
Base Salary
Rs.50000-Rs.80000 Per month
Job Benefits
  • Generous Leave Policy
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Sponsored Learning
  • No-compromise Workstation
Date posted
April 12, 2022
Valid through
July 1, 2022
Flutter Developer

An ideal candidate for this position has a good understanding and at least a few years of experience in all of the following technologies.

TopicPreferred Technology
TechnologiesDart SDK, Flutter SDK, Skia engine, Google's Firebase
Language / FrameworkDart programming
Authentication / DatabaseCloud Firestore, FlutterFire
Environment / ToolsAndroid Studio, Git, Dart CLI, API Gateways, Flutter CLI, VSCode
Prior Reading

We are looking for an experienced mobile app developer with experience in cross-platform app development using Flutter. Since we also offer remote work, we are looking for self-managed people who can work without constant supervision.

As we already have a few apps published with millions of active userbase, our first stage will be to port our existing native apps into a more robust cross-platform codebase using Flutter. So we need someone to take over the Spaghetti code written on native SDKs of Android & iOS during the early stages. Moreover, we have many public-facing web apps and projects requiring mobile apps. So we need someone who isn't intimidated by new upcoming projects and their mobile app development cycles.

  • Write code to port existing native apps to Flutter
  • Add new features based on existing apps
  • Improve the UI/UX of existing apps
  • Build new hybrid apps based on our new projects
  • Handle the new codebase and maintain documentation
  • Help a junior developer learn the best practices

The most important requirement for this role is a broad understanding of the mobile technology that comes with experience. Here are a few points that highlight the skills we expect from our applicants.

  • Experience in building public-facing Flutter based apps
  • Solid understanding of OOP paradigms, state management, offline storage, JSON/XML parsing & serialization, multi-threading & networking.
  • Experience in working with third-party services like Google API Client Libraries, GraphQL etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of Flutter SDKs and their libraries, plugins and dependencies.
Preferred Qualities
  • Studied software engineering, computer science, IT or a similar course
  • Has great communication and social skills
  • Has experience in remote work
  • Good knowledge of version control system
  • Good understanding of a complete mobile app development lifecycle.
  • Good understanding of web technologies, RESTful APIs & localization.

As an employer, we provide equal opportunities, irrespective of our people’s background and abilities. Not everyone has the same backstory to tell, so we embrace what you have to offer.

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Position: Flutter Developer

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