About Yarsa Labs

We are a software company based in Pokhara, Nepal. We make beautiful games for mobile and interesting applications for mobile and the web. Everyone in our team works from home.

Mission, Vision, Values

We are building tools and resources to help everyone from an indie developer to a resourceful team build their own presence in the global marketplace.

Our mission is to offer a stable platform for aspiring local developers to learn, grow and have a global marketplace presence. In the long run, we want to empower millions of Nepalese youths to leverage technical skills to export digital products and services. One day, millions of Nepalese will sell services online from home instead of selling their adulthood to a foreign country. We cannot achieve this mission as a small team, so we are doing the heavy lifting to create a team that shares this vision.

Our vision is to have a global presence by building genuine products that offer our customers real value. Being established in a developing country with limited resources has its own problems, but we have successfully bootstrapped; the only way now is ahead. While building a sustainable business, we are focusing on what inspired us to get started – to create a reliable platform so that another technology startup could use our help to get on its feet faster.

Our values help us create order despite an otherwise disordered human nature. We have shared our stories, startup resources, and even our employee handbook publicly, hoping these articles will help everyone who shares our mission. We value equality, honesty, and perseverance. Good things happen to people and companies that share a common interest and give their best.

Our People

We are a team of young and motivated people based all around Nepal. Together with our expertise in several domains of software design, development, and marketing, we are headed for a common goal of touching as many lives as possible through our products and services. The creativity and passion of our team drive us. We love working with good people. Join us if you are among the most intelligent, self-motivated talents who love their craft.

Remote-friendly Workspace

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to close our workspace a few days before the Nepal lockdown was officially announced. We were prepared to face the new challenge, and we did it. After successfully expanding our team and launching several projects while working remotely, we started missing the social interactions that brought our team closer. So, we started a physical office with a shared workspace but kept the remote work culture. We still don’t enforce hard deadlines, and we have changed the office hours to make the commute shorter.

Our Brands

Our brands stand out in the wild with their consistent, vibrant colors and design. If you are looking for high-quality images for the press or print, check out the Brand Resources page.

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