We are Yarsa Labs

A team of motivated people headed for a common goal of Redefining "Made in Nepal".

Notable Ventures
We have pioneered a few impactful tech ventures and companies. Yarsa Labs stays committed to creating ecosystem for tech startups in Nepal. We have been involved in creating and nurturing these tech startups in Nepal.
Products Loved by Millions
We have developed and published many popular Apps and Mobile Games.
Press Coverage
We have been featured and making headlines in popular media and news portals.
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We want to redefine 'Made in Nepal' as an emblem of quality and trust in tech products all over the world.

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Develop and export reliable tech products from Nepal to establish trustworthy global brands and foster a tech startup ecosystem in Nepal.

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Innovation, Integrity, and Inclusivity; Our focus is on creating quality tech products, fostering a dynamic tech community, and ensuring a culture of honesty, equal opportunity, and relentless pursuit of progress.

Our Experience, Your Inspiration.

Bootstrapping a technology company and turning it into a sustainable business is not easy. To make that a bit easier for others, we write about design, software engineering, cyber security, infrastructure, startup operations and technical writing.