Careers at Yarsa Labs

We are a product development company. We offer sophisticated workstation, good learning environment and competitive salary.

Work is fun here.

  • Stress-free Work

    Stress-free Work

    We are a bootstrapped company so don't have investors to impress. We don't have "foreign clients" to put you under pressure. We only develop and publish our own products, so if you like what you just shipped, our customers will most probably like it.

  • Continued Learning

    Continued Learning

    Learning never stops at Yarsa Labs. We share knowledge across the entire team, so there's always something new and exciting to learn every day. We publicly document the team's knowledge so you can learn from others in the team.

  • Stable Career

    Stable Career

    We are running in profit for several years now, and have a huge presence in the market. We have steady growth and a clear roadmap for at least a decade. We guarantee your employment as long as you keep up with the company's growth.

  • Cheerful Team

    Cheerful Team

    Sounds cliché, but everybody feels loved at Yarsa Labs. We offer festival bonuses, paid vacations, sponsored trips, personal devices and gadgets, and also share the cost of your home office setup.

We eat healthy here.

  • Home-made Lunch

    Every day, we serve healthy, tasty lunch from our own kitchen. Our chef prepares veg and non-veg dishes for everyone.

  • Fruits, Snacks?

    Healthy snacks is available from the kitchen anytime. You can also request fresh, seasonal fruits be served at your desk.

  • Coffee, Anytime

    High-quality Nepalese Coffee is always available. You can help yourself or ask one of our helpful kitchen staff.

Frequently asked questions
These questions were asked by at least one of our applicants.

We mostly work on mobile apps, games and in-house web applications. We don't do outsourced / contract projects. We are a team of artists, designers, engineers, writers, researchers, marketers, and a bit of everything.

We do not compromise on our workstation. You can pick from the best machines available in the market for your work, as long as it meets the requirements. Also, we provide you brand new devices and accessories as needed.

Our normal working hours are 09:00AM to 05:00PM. You may need to plan your commute a bit ahead to avoid the busy traffic in the city. We serve tea/coffee starting 08:30 AM, and lunch is served at 11:00 AM.

We work 5 days a week. Saturdays and Sundays are off. Every year, we offer 18 days of home leave, 12 days of sick leave and 13 days of holidays for festivals. We offer 100 days of paid maternity leave, and other leaves as required by the Law.

We cover your expenses for online courses, books, and meetup events to help you continue learning. We contribute to your insurance premium for both life and non-life (medical and accidental) insurance.

You don't want to spend the rest of your life doing repetitive tasks, right? That's why, unlike other companies, we help you grow as an all-around person by involving you in a project from the idea stage to publishing.

Every day, we serve healthy, tasty lunch, from our own kitchen at 11:00 AM at our Kathmandu Office. We serve fresh, seasonal fruits every afternoon at your table. Coffee and snacks are available at all times.

We can say we mostly use Unity for games, Flutter for apps, Node (Typescript) for backend, React for frontend, AI/Sketch/Figma/Procreate for design... the list is huge, but whatever your craft is, we only need you to be really good at it.

As long as your regular job isn't affected, you can work on side projects that interest you. We trust you and ensure you are not stuck with a boring tasks all the time. Whether at the office or in your endeavour, we support you in achieving your life goals. The only catch is that you cannot work on competing products for yourself or other clients, and you must ask for approval from the HR Administrator for the same.

Of course! We go out together and have fun. We have created life-long memories with each other. We have also played countless games and visited many places. Every last Friday of the month, we organize a party. Some of us go swimming, but it's more about enjoying great food together.

Yes. We provide equal opportunities, irrespective of our people's identity, background and ability. Not everyone has the same backstory to tell, so we embrace what you have to offer. Our differences bring us closer as there's always something to learn and share.

Yes. We make simple applications used by people all over the world. We make games that millions of people play. Someone somewhere is always grateful for the work we do. If you think putting smiles on the face of millions of people every day is something, it's worth it.

Interesting question! Yarsa is a name of a small village in Rasuwa, Nepal. The village is known for its beautiful landscape and a medicinal herb found in that region. Also, the word "Labs" is a common term used in tech companies that work in in-house projects. So, we combined the two to form Yarsa Labs.

Yarsa Labs

Founder's Message

A career in tech is stressful, but I make sure my team is not stressed out about work. For me, healthy lifestyle and peace of mind come before everything else. Stress only kills creativity and creates mental health problems.

I do not idolize 90-hour weeks and 2AM phone calls. Instead, I count on the team's creativity. I think that's how work in tech should be, and that's how Yarsa Labs will always be.

Nj SubediCEO, Yarsa Labs