Careers at Yarsa Labs

We offer safe, sound career.

A career in tech is stressful, but we try our best to make sure you love your work and never experience burnout. We put a healthy lifestyle and peace of mind above everything else. We value your work-life balance and respect your personal life. We don’t idolize 90-hour weeks and 2 AM phone calls. Instead, we want you to stay healthy and happy so you can put your creativity to work.

What We Offer

We offer top-in-class benefits to our people. Competent pay, a team of talented people, lots of fun, generous vacation policy are some of the benefits of working at Yarsa Labs.

Our Culture

We are setting an example of how work should be. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer equal opportunity to all individuals irrespective of their background and abilities. We have a place for everyone who can contribute to accomplishing our mission.

Our Crafts

We build beautiful products that make a part of our customers’ lives. We rely on your craft to build those products. We are a team of engineers, researchers, designers, writers, project managers, customer happiness managers, and more. Each of us has a craft we love.

We are hiring!

We are growing fast, so we need some more people to join our team.