Working at Yarsa Labs is all about being happy and learning new things. Our team’s work-life balance is important to us, so we offer top-in-class benefits to our people. We put our trust in your work, so we make sure you are always excited about it.

What We Offer

Competitive Pay

Our pay has always been directly proportional to our growth, and we are growing fast. Like, really fast! We make sure that our pay is competitive with the current market rate. We also provide occasional cash bonuses to reward the most impactful people on our team.

Flexible Hours

We are a 100% remote company with flexible working hours. You do not need to work from 09:00 AM to 06:00. You can work from home, and we also pay for the expenses to set up your home office!

Bring Your Craft.

We rely on your craft and love to try the latest technology. We don’t have restrictions on the technology you use. Are you a Golang Ninja? Great! Doing PHP for the last 10 years? Awesome! Whatever your craft is, we only need you to be good at it.

Never Stop Growing.

Learning never stops at Yarsa Labs. We cover your expenses for online courses, books, and meetup events to help you continue learning. We share knowledge across the entire team, so there’s always something new and exciting to learn every day.

Lots of Love.

At Yarsa Labs, everyone is treated like family. We love you, everybody loves you. The team goes out and has fun creating life-long memories. We also offer festival bonuses, paid leaves, sponsored trips, and personal devices for you!

Safe, Sound Career.

We are a bootstrapped company running in profit for several years now. We have steady growth and a clear roadmap for at least a decade. We publish our work ourselves and don’t have to rely on clients and outsourcing opportunities to operate. This means we can guarantee your employment as long as you keep up with the company’s growth.

Don’t get stuck in a bad place.

We are always looking for the most talented and enthusiastic people.