Our Crafts

Everyone in our team has their own craft they love. We are artists, designers, engineers, programmers, writers, analysts, researchers, marketers, salesmen, testers.. the list goes on. We are a bit of everyone on the team. Our crafts, put together, builds beautiful experiences that make a part of our customers’ lives.

Mobile Apps

Our apps have been downloaded by tens of millions of users around the world. People love our apps, and it feels good knowing we are making someone’s life a bit easier every minute. Our developers are hard at work to make sure the apps run perfectly on all kinds of devices that you find in the market. It’s their craft to ensure consistent functionality, high performance, and bug-free experience in all our apps.

Mobile Games

Millions of people play our games every day. People expect a lot from the games they play – some want the computer to play harder, some want to win all the time, but everyone hates it when the game doesn’t work the way they expect. Games are complex; what’s more complicated is creating games that don’t give the device a fever. Making the games playable by everyone, and in uncertain conditions is the craft of our mobile game developers.

Project Management

Managing a fully remote team working together on a dozen different projects at a time is not everyone’s cup of coffee. Our project managers ensure everybody is engaged, and our team managers ensure nobody is stressed. Meeting the deadlines without burning out the team is their craft.

User Experience

Our users come from different places and have different expectations. Some people have special needs, and some are really new to technology. It’s the job of our User Experience Designers to ensure compatibility, accessibility, and simplicity in all our products. It’s their craft to create simple, yet feature-rich products that our customers love.

Art & Graphics

“Love at first sight” is not a myth. Even before our users touch their screen, they see what’s on the screen. Our designers make sure our users fall in love with our products when they see them for the first time. Mixing a bit of color psychology, some typography, few color palettes, and a potion of fine arts to create stunning graphics and artwork for our products is their craft.

Human Resources

Our human resources and team managers are always busy talking to many people – in and outside of our team. We are always looking for good people to join our team, so someone has to be reaching out to prospective hires all the time. Meanwhile, we need to ensure our team isn’t falling apart. It’s their craft to add more artisans to the team.

Customer Support

As a self-publishing company, we don’t have a lot of media coverage, business partners, and enterprise customers. All we have are the customers who we serve. Our customer support staff take feedback from our customers and help them use our products without a problem. It’s their craft to keep all our customers happy.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team and testers are the guardians of our sanity. Our diverse team of testers helps our User Experience team find compatibility issues and send the bugs back to our developers. It’s their craft to sand out edges, polish the faces, and fill the holes in the products we deliver. They use the buggiest, most unusable versions of our products so our users don’t have to deal with anything such.

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