Life at Yarsa Labs

We offer world-class benefits, stress-free work, great learning environment and sophisticated workspace. Still working under pressure at a job that you dislike? Try something different!

We eat healthy here.

  • Lunch, On Time

    Every day, we serve healthy, tasty lunch from our kitchen. Our chef prepares various veg and non-veg dishes to your liking.

  • Fruits, Everyday

    We serve fresh, seasonal fruits every day. It's a lot healthier than carbonated drinks. We serve fruits cleaned, cut and on your table.

  • Coffee, Anytime

    High-quality Nepalese Coffee is always available. You can help yourself or ask one of our helpful kitchen staff.

Yarsa Labs

A career in tech is stressful, but I make sure my team is not stressed out about work. For me, healthy lifestyle and peace of mind come before everything else. Stress only kills creativity and creates mental health problems.

I do not idolize 90-hour weeks and 2AM phone calls. Instead, I count on the team's creativity. I think that's how work in tech should be, and that's how Yarsa Labs will always be.

Nj SubediCEO, Yarsa Labs