Payments and Benefits

We want everyone to know what it is like to work at Yarsa Labs. This section of our handbook tries to answer all information that you would need to know before applying, as well as serve as a reference guide to our team members. We have updated this section to reflect the change in our workspace after going fully remote. Team Yarsa can direct all questions related to this section to our Operations Manager, or ask a question in the #content channel.


You must meet the following criteria to be able to receive your payment.

  1. You must have cleared any dues left to be paid to the company.
  2. You must provide a copy of your personal PAN Card to the company.
  3. You must have an active account in the bank designated by the company; we don’t pay by cash.
  4. We withhold applicable taxes on all payments made to you. You can ask all tax-related questions to our Operations Manager.

Payroll Schedule

All payments are made online and deposited directly to your bank account, so public holidays do not delay the payments. If we are aware of upcoming issues with the online payment system that affects your payment, we will notify you as soon as we can. Your payment will always be made before the end of the running English month unless a natural calamity, epidemic, pandemic, or any unforeseen events hinder the company’s ability to issue the payment to you. In any case, the Operations Manager will communicate the details with you.

  • The payment cycle starts on the 16th of the English month and ends on the 15th of the next month. This is to maintain compatibility with the Gregorian calendar system used in Nepal.
  • The 21st of the next English month will be your payday, which is six days after the month ends.
  • If the date falls on Saturday, the company will initiate the payment on the 20th.
  • If the date falls on Sunday, we will issue the paychecks on the 22nd.

Payment for Home Office Setup

The company will provide you a new laptop as your work machine. Apart from the work machine, if you need to purchase new furniture, devices, or accessories, let your supervisor or the Operations Manager know in advance. The company will pay you for the following expenses with prior approval.

ItemPrice up to (NPR)
One new table with lockable drawers10,000
One new chair with back support10,000
One pair of headphones with a microphone5,000
One external monitor25,000
If you work on a PC, one external keyboard7,500
f you work on a PC, one mouse or trackpad2,500
If you are a designer, one digital drawing board10,000
One external back-up drive10,000
One extra router that supports a guest network3,000
Other accessories (combined)5,000
Maximum allowed expense per person75,000
Expense covered by the company for setting up a home office.


The company provides two kinds of bonuses, apart from your regular payment. These bonuses are entirely voluntary and subject to the availability of adequate funds in the company.

Festival Bonus

Every year, on the occasion of the Dashain festival, the company gives you a Festival Bonus. As a culture, the company distributes at least a certain equal amount to everyone who has worked for at least six months in the company. The amount may or may not be equal to your regular paycheck, because we believe the festival should be equally enjoyable for everyone irrespective of their monthly salary.

Performance Bonus

The company gives Performance Bonuses to people who have the greatest impact on the company’s growth. The bonus amount and frequency depend on three factors – your observed performance, the success of the project that you worked on, and the impact of your work on the success of the said projects. There are no specific rules and guidelines about how you get performance bonuses. In a nutshell, the more serious you are towards your work, and the more successful the product becomes, the more bonus you will receive. In fact, it’s also a matter of luck in some cases.


Paid Vacation

We recognize the importance of vacation time for mental rest, recreation, and personal enrichment. The company calculates the number of leaves based on a Gregorian calendar-year basis, irrespective of the date you started working at the company. You are allowed to take a fully paid vacation of 14 days a year after completion of the probation period.


We pay for the following membership and subscriptions to help you stay healthy and continue to learn new things. All memberships need prior approval from the Operations Manager.

  1. Courses for programming, design, or other skills related to your work.
  2. Subscriptions of online tools or desktop software that help you work efficiently.
  3. Certification courses for web security, if you are a web developer.

Lunch and Refreshment

The company provides free lunch for everyone who has checked-in for the day’s work. You can enjoy the meal available on the premises for free. Help yourself with snacks and drinks available for free inside the premises whenever you like. Take a nap during the day if you feel fatigued, or take a walk around when you need some thinking time. We would love you to drink enough water from the dispenser and stay hydrated throughout the day. Since we have an open office setup, we don’t allow smoking and getting intoxicated during working hours. We have received a lot of complaints in the past about coworkers smelling bad and showing inappropriate behavior as a result of smoking and drinking.

As everyone in the team is now working from home, the company does not bear the expenses of daily lunch and snacks separately. Nonetheless, we recommend everyone to take regular breaks and stay hydrated.

Party & Outing

Occasionally the company may organize refreshment programs like parties and outings. Participation is mandatory if the event takes place during working hours; otherwise, your participation is voluntary. We bear all costs associated with the refreshment programs, including lodging, food, tickets, hire, entree fees, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The company policies against violence, harassment, and discrimination also apply during such events.

During the outing, you are free to give yourself special treatment at your own expense. For example, if you would like an expensive brand of alcohol or a super deluxe room in an expensive hotel during the outing the company will not pay for that.

Travel Expenses

If the company assigns work that requires traveling, the company will cover the traveling expenses. We cover all expenses made for lodging, food, and fuel or fare. You need to produce tickets, invoices, and payment slips to the Operations Manager to claim the costs.


The company will withhold the following from your paycheck:

  1. We deduct the mandatory tax amount specified by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of the Nepal Government, which depends on the total salary payable to you in the current fiscal year including the festival bonus.
  2. Based on your employment contract, we may deduct the amounts for savings funds such as Citizen Investment Trust, Provident Fund, insurance premiums, and such.
  3. All other payments made to you will be subject to the rates assigned by the IRD.
  4. You will receive notifications from the IRD when the withheld tax is deposited on your behalf.
  5. Our Operations Manager will provide you all the details about the deductions made on your behalf, and answer all queries related to deductions.

Performance Review

All performance reviews will be completed in writing by your manager on the form designated by the company and reviewed during a conference with you. A performance review usually promotes you to a higher level with higher pay.

Review Frequency

You will have your first performance review at the end of your first three months of joining the company. After your first review, your performance review will generally be conducted annually on or about your anniversary date. If you would like to have a review of your payment or re-negotiate the terms of employment, you should write to the Operations Manager.

Constant degradation in work performance may lead to re-negotiating your benefits, or a warning of termination of your contract. If you are having personal issues that lead to decreased performance, we offer as much help as we can to overcome the issues. Please feel free to talk to anyone on the team.

Review Criteria

In your performance review, we not only consider the quality of your job, but we also give priority to your attendance, punctuality, dependability, attitude, cooperation, compliance with Company agreement policies, and any disciplinary actions taken against you. We may also seek an opinion from your coworkers, and take our customer reviews into account.

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